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Private Estates

We Give Youe Peace Of Mind That Things Are Handled Correct

Walk In Private Estates

Selecting a walk in private estate for your family or loved ones final resting place can bestow a sense of prestige and permanence, affording your family a lasting legacy and symbol of your life and accomplishments. 

Our personalized designs and options are endless, giving each project an individual end result that encompasses exclusivity and distinction.

A walk in private estate mausoleum is an experience of refined sophistication and elegance. The mausoleum’s grand architecture, adorned with exquisite details and opulent materials., creates a sense of timeless beauty and luxury that is unmatched by any other memorialization option.


Walk in design shelters your visitations from the elements of mother nature

private and exclusive memorialization that stands the test of time while establishing a families legacy and life’s accomplishments

Design options are virtually endless and can express architectural style, color and taste preferences, and any other wants/needs

Walk Up Private Estate

A walk up private estate option is similar to that of a walk in except the visitation takes place in front of the estate rather than inside.

This estate option can still be customized based on individual preferences and creates a sense of permanence and luxury.

We offer these estate options in everything configuration ranging from a single above ground crypt to 12 crypt configurations. These designs can also include cremation niche options as well.

Traditionally, mausoleum estates have been viewed as a symbol of status and wealth, reserved for the upper class. Midland Monuments makes it a goal to eliminate that mindset by offering private estate options to fit a number of financial scenarios. We think everyone should have the option to be laid to rest in a dignified and personalized manor.


More cost effective then the walk in mausoleum estate option

Loved ones remains would be in a secure and protected final resting place

Grandeur and exclusivity which represents a certain level of prestige and refinement

Multi Unit Cremation Columbaria

Midland Monuments has made an effort to offer products not just from a family to family standpoint but we’ve also tried to come up with solutions for churches and city cemeteries to have a place that is cremation specific for your loved ones to be memorialized and laid to rest. 

With that being said, we would like to let you know that we now offer multi space cremation niche columbaria units ranging from 6 spaces all the way up to 300 space structures. We try do this in a cost effective manner to ensure that everyone, from your small township churches and cemeteries to your massive church and city cemeteries, can take advantage of these arrangements.

A community niche columbaria will add to your cemetery or churches overall appeal and appearance. With the main choice of end of life arrangements being cremation, this option will ensure that you can accommodate the shift that seems to be greatly increasing in today’s society. These columbaria units create a space for quiet contemplation and reflection for your visitors which is unmatched in terms of cremated remains and final resting place possibilities for your loved ones.


Space efficient and can accommodate a large number of cremated remains in a relatively small area

Community niche columbaria units provide a dignified and respectful option for final resting place of cremated remains

This option fosters a sense of shared remembrance and community within the cemetery